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Our zone of intervention covers the whole of Suisse romandie

Eco-car wash is a facility service whose speciality is car washing. Our offer is based on a waterless and 100% ecological cleaning process and is the fruit of many years of research aimed at eliminating the use of water in car cleaning. We desire to allow the maximum of car proprietors to benefit from our service.


If you live in Geneva, Neuchâtel, Sion, Vaud, Yverdon, Nyon, Montreux, Gland or Vevey, our team of ecological cleaners can come and answer your needs. Our service depends on a system of either home based cleaning or at the place of your choice. Whether it be at your home, place of work, or any other place of choice, our team of cleaners is ready to take care of your vehicle.

Our cleaning formulas are adapted to all car models. Private cars, professional and commercial vehicles are all suitable to our ecological cleaning services. We use ecological products and brushes especially adapted to avoid micro cracks and render a shiny finish on the body work of your vehicle. We offer a cleaning of both the insides and outsides of your car, depending on your needs. Access to our services is the same, no matter where the location of your vehicle is. You can reserve online at the date and hour of your choice, or by telephone.