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Professional clients


Our services are available to professionals and companies

Professionals and companies are frequently in charge of a number of vehicles, vehicles which necessitate a minimum of upkeep and cleaning. A trustworthy service such as Eco-carwash can come in handy with the maintenance of company vehicles throughout Suisse romande. Our solutions for professionals are addressed to various professionals whether transport companies, vehicle concessionaries, or any other kind of company in charge of vehicles.


Our cleaning formulas are designed to suit company cars, utility cars and commercial vehicles for any kind of company. Eco-carwash relies on a team of professionals ready to travel to the location of your choice. Our services for professionals are often located at the site of your company. To call upon our services will allow you to economise both time and money on the inherent tasks involved in the maintenance of your vehicles. Above all, our intervention reduces the environmental impact of your company in a time when social and environmental responsibility is a major argument to put forward to both your partners and clients. Our waterless and ecological cleaning service can but please you.

To benefit from our waterless 100% ecological car washing service, we advise that you fix a rendez-vous directly on our internet site. One of our advisors will then contact you to present you our offers and details concerning the organisation of the cleanings and the payment of our services.