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  • Consummation of water per wash = 0 Litre
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  • A team of qualifed professionals at your service whilst protecting the environement
  • Eco Car wash : a new, fast, and 100% natural cleaning concept in the Geneva region.


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There is no doubt that water is the most vital natural resource on our planet.

Climate changes, the growing demand of water by populations and industrials are all contributing towards rendering water rarer, more expensive and hence more precious.

If official restrictions on the use of water over the summer may be a good start, more efforts are still needed. This is why Eco-carwash has decided to start a 100 % bio waterless car cleaning concept.

Eco-carwash is among the first to propose an environment friendly car cleaning service in the region of Geneva. Our services are designed to facilitate access for everyone, simply reserve online to benefit from one of our waterless washes. Our services are provided by a team of professionals strongly attached to the safe guard of the planet by a reduction on the use of water.

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